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This page collects and shares resources that can support the integration of digital mental health tools into the interaction between client and provider. The tools have a wide range of objectives, formats and audiences. The primary audience for this page is health care providers working in mental health in Canada who are looking for support in integrating digital health tools into their clinical practice.


The Collection

Last update: March 2021

The primary audience

Health care providers and other providers in mental health care, including psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, nurses, primary care physicians, social workers, occupational therapists and peer support workers

Using the resources

Information on how to use a given resource is often provided in the resource itself. For many resources, it is self-evident. In the summary of each resource, we provide some basic information on how to use it.


Administrator: A person working in the mental health care sector who performs business operations roles that support the clinical care functions of an organization.

Additional resources

App libraries

App Library (Health Navigator New Zealand)

Exploring the use of digital mental health tools

(Based on a literature search conducted in late 2019.)

Advances in technology continue to revolutionize the health care system and influence the practice of health care professionals.

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Gillian Strudwick, RN, PhD, CAMH, Toronto

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